The Edern

To be creative is to cast away the norms and break free. At Edern, we revolutionise our approach to crafting Parisian gastronomy by filling your lunch and dinner with joy. Inspired by the simplicity and authenticity of epicurean dining from the city and around the world, we bring the party and worldwide flavours to your plate.

The Man
Behind Edern

Jean-Edern Hurstel discovered his passion for cooking very young. Beginning his culinary journey as an apprentice for the famous chef Claude Legras, (affectionately called Hurstel’s second father) at Parc des Eaux-Vives, Jean-Edern climbed his way to the top, step by step. At Lucas Carlton restaurant in Paris, he learnt with Alain Senderens to marry flavours flawlessly. With Alain Passard at L'Arbege (3 Michelin stars), he acquired the respect for product and the art of cooking.

There's no Place
Like Edern

Edern welcomes you to a gray, champagne and copper decor offering a restaurant and cocktail bar to guests who share a love of dining and partying. Beige leather armchairs and marbled banquettes are set against explosive street-art style pop paintings. The clientele will have a full view of the chef’s team as they cook up a storm. At night, the DJ’s turntables come out to continue the celebration.

A Party in Paris

At Edern, our offer takes on a festive and creative twist, blending the electric energy of a party with the excellence of gourmet Parisian flavours. Take the sculptural staircase and discover the different and softly lit ambiance of the bar. Cigar aficionados will enjoy the Cigar Lounge, while others will be moving to the beats of our DJs.


Have a Seat at
Our Table

The cuisine at Edern uses authentic and carefully selected products thanks to close relationships with reputable and experienced suppliers. Our love for food is celebrated throughout the menu with French classics featuring a modern twist: seabream carpaccio with citrus fruits, crispy langoustines with a basil sauce and an excellent selection of French meats. Making it all the better, we select the perfect pairings of wines and champagnes to complete your quintessential Edern experience.